Bob has retired from his previous job as an auto mechanic to pursue his first love, martial arts.  He is the owner of Holland's Kung fu Academy in the Western Communities. Bob has trained in a number of different styles including Boxing (4 years) and Kung fu (18 years). He is currently continuing his training in Wu Kung and Balintawak Eskrima.  In my opinion, his students are motivated by his combination of great technical skill and his young at heart attitude.  Bob's martial arts goal is to achieve "peace of mind and body: his favorite" martial arts moments were meeting his teachers Ed Obrien, Dom Lopez, Micheal Zimmer and Shi Yao Hai (Don Inrig).

Bob Holland
(Black Belt, Red Sash)
The Builder

Monsieur Cunningham is the proud owner of Hidden Distance Kung fu Academy in Victoria.  His personal accomplishments include mentoring mentally challenged staff at work and receiving the title of “true gamer” from his son.  Chris is known for is smiling face and positive attitude.  His favorite martial arts moment is "when a student realizes that Kung fu is not about fighting, but about friendship; a personal journey to fulfill a goal that extends beyond black belt".

Chris Cunningham
(Black Belt, Red Sash)
The Healer

Jim is a registered nurse and practicing Buddhist who finds joy in other’s happiness and laughter.  His favorite martial arts activities include teaching, learning and presenting belts to students who have earned them.  In his free time Jim enjoys spending time with family and friends and meditating.  His martial arts goal is to keep practicing for the rest of his life.

Jim Lord
(Black Belt, Blue Sash)
The Chess Player

Rodger is our resident trickster when it comes to sparring.  You think of one move and Rodger is always a few steps ahead.  Rodger competed in many open martial arts tournaments from 2001-2003 including Tiger Balm Internationals, Fireball Challenge, The West Coast Can-Am Championships, Western Canadian Martial Arts Challenge, and the Traditional Kung Fu Invitational.  His martial arts goal is to understand himself so he can understand others.  Outside of martial arts Rodger enjoys both rock climbing and gymnastics.

Rodger Haggstrom
(Black Belt, Green Sash)
The Snake

Ryan is the resident snake of the Colwood school (see the five animals) and has been training for 10 years.  He studies both Chinese and Japanese and has spent time traveling abroad in Japan.  His favorite martial arts activities include forms and grappling and his goals are to make martial arts instinctive.  Outside of kung fu Ryan enjoys rock climbing and photography.

Ryan Johnston
(Black Belt, Green Sash)
The Sparrer

Steve is the teacher in the Victoria school who seems to have a “hit me aura.”  Naturally, his favorite martial arts activity is sparring and his favorite martial arts moments are “cheap shots in class".  Steve is a great teacher known for his patience and love of martial arts.  He has trained in jujitsu, Kung fu and kendo; the latter he studied in Japan where he spent two years teaching English.  Outside of kung fu, Steve is an artist who enjoys drawing, video games and ….you guessed it…..sparring.

Steve Ratch
(Black Belt, Green Sash)
The A Personality

Melanie is a thriving student who will be graduating soon with her PhD in biology.  When not studying biology or kung fu her loves include gymnastics and traveling.  Melanie has many achievements, including placing in the top three (forms and sparring) in all the tournaments she has attended.  She also was chosen as a martial arts extra for the movie Elektra.  If you don't find Melanie training, she can be found donating her time to big brothers and big sisters or doing talks for community organizations.  Martial arts goals you ask?  She hopes to become the most dangerous 70 year old woman around.

Melanie Conrad
(Black Belt, Green Sash)
The Masseuse

Tammy teaches the Colwood kids and after school programs and is our resident Chi Kung Medical Massage and Swedish relaxation massage practitioner.  She is known for her sociable personality, her sunny disposition and her love of teaching children.  Her favorite martial arts moments are; the black belt ceremony, seeing people progressing in their training and seeing kids get awarded new belts.  Tammy’s martial arts goals are to keep learning and passing knowledge to others as well as being contented mentally and physically.

Tammy Holland
(Black Belt, Green Sash)

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